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Dear you,

I’ve watched you overcome so many obstacles and I admire you for that. I admire you for the mere fact that no matter what you went through you still carried your smile, and you still embraced who you are. I know times are hard right now. You’re lonely, you’re confused, and you wish you were in a better position but understand that it will all get better. I’m here to tell you that the love you want is being prepared for you . The life you dream of living will come with time. But you must promise me you aren’t going to give up. Don’t focus on your loss. Don’t focus on the bad things that happened to you . And don’t sit and sulk in thought that you aren’t good enough. You are enough. You are everything you should be and more . And most importantly you don’t need anyone to love you because I love you, and i am the one who matters the most.


Really reached a point in my life where I see what is most important and what deserves my attention. I am starting to stir away from social networks and just merely live my life . I have love around me, positivity, happiness, joy, new beginnings and so much more. I look at my peers and it motivates me to be better. I respect some but have no respect for most . Life isn’t about showing off or being what you think they want you to be . It’s about doing things for you . And most importantly it’s about loving, living, laughing, smiling, appreciating, forgiving, evolving. So if I seem as though I no longer exist or I dont want to be bothered it is because I am doing these things ……I am actually living….







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I miss you..

That last comment broke my heart..

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